Eden Wong

Vice President of Operations

Eden Wong is head of all Hong Kong Outback operations, he is a graduate of Les Roches Hotel Management School in Switzerland, and has over 25 years of industry experience to bring to the Outback table.
Previously the Managing Partner of both our Nathan Road and Discovery Park restaurants, this Hong Kong native knows a thing or two about Outback’s “No Rules, Just Right” service. “It’s a win-win philosophy,” Eden explains. “Hospitality and quality are the key ingredients to make my customers happy.” “At Outback, we ensure everything exceeds our customers’ expectations, with our belief in ‘serving people nicely, talking to people honestly, working with people harmoniously and thanking people sincerely’.” It’s a winning formula for both customers and employees.
Wong applies the principles of understanding, support and respect to staff training, motivating all of his “Outbackers” to constantly improve and never be satisfied, helping him and his Hong Kong team win new Outback fans every day.