cut and temperature

We carefully select the very best cuts of outstanding quality beef from the USA and Australia to deliver a steak that is the star of our kitchen. We take aging of our steaks very seriously. Each cut is aged until it reaches optimal tenderness. This process helps unlock the natural juices in the steak, gently breaking down the muscle fibers and giving in the flavor you love.


The cut that made us famous! The sirloin is cut from the loin, a lean steak with little fat providing hearty beef flavor.


The ribeye is cut from the rib, creating a generously marbled steak bursting with rich flavor and juiciness.


The strip is cut from the strip loin, combining both bold flavor and tenderness.


The filet mignon is a tenderloin cut: extremely tender, extremely in demand.


For the super hungry eater, the porterhouse is cut from the short loin, bigger than the T-Bone steak. Combines the flavor of a strip and tenderness of a filet.


The prime rib is cut from the primal rib, roasted with a "standing" method. For the traditional eater.