Kit Lai


Kit joined Outback as a waiter in 2014. He has worked in Outback for over 14 years, and he is now the Managing Partner of Outback Silvercord in TST.


What attracted you to work at Outback?

My greatest sense of accomplishment and satisfaction arises because of Outback offering employees a relaxing and friendly workspace which has empowered me to work seamlessly with the team like a compact family, by incorporating the concept of treating guests as family.



What does ‘No Rules, Just Right’ philosophy mean to you personally?

It encourages our team to think outside the box to surprise and delight our guests with impeccable services and surprises, so we not only get compliments from our guests, but also allow our team members to get in touch with new things and explore new opportunities.


How would you like to be remembered by customers?

We hope customers will remember the Outback team for our compassion, hospitality and a relaxing dining experience.


What is your favorite Outback menu dish?

My favorite Outback dish is "USAD Prime Tomahawk Steak". Since I myself is an out-and-out "meatatarian", the steak selected for this dish has a large portion of and even fat distribution, which will definitely bring satisfaction to the guests' eyes and taste buds!


What hobbies or special interests do you have?

I enjoy swimming twice a week during holidays and spare times.


Visit Kit and the team at Outback Silvercord.