Ken Cheung

Tuen Mun Town Plaza

Ken has worked in the food and beverage industry for over 21 years, including 13years at Outback Steakhouse. Before joining Outback, he had experiences working in American and Italian style restaurants. He is currently the Managing Partner of Outback Tuen Mun Town Plaza.
What attracted you to work at Outback?
Outback provides us with a lot of training and materials. We are always able to reflect on our performance, keep on improving and strive for the best. Before becoming a Managing Partner, I was trained in every role in the kitchen, learning every step in making every dish on the menu. We learn from each other all the time.
What does ‘No Rules, Just Right’ philosophy mean to you personally?
To me, it means always catering to the customers’ needs, and always taking one extra step for them. For example, we can recommend and modify certain dishes to better suit the customers, and when a customer comes in with a lot of personal belongings, we immediately bring out an extra chair for them.
How would you like to be remembered by customers?
I would like the customers to remember three things: a joyful dining experience, a high quality in the food we serve, and the affordable price on our menu.
What is your favorite Outback menu dish?
I would choose the Aussie Cheese Fries. It is a classic dish which has been popular since the restaurant launched in Hong Kong, and it represents an authentic Australian style to our customers. It is crispy and scrumptious!
What hobbies or special interests do you pursue in your leisure time?
I love watching and playing football very much, and I am also a movie lover. I also spend a lot of time taking care of my eleven-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter. Sometimes they come visit me at the restaurant, and they enjoy the fries and ice cream a lot!
Visit Ken and the team at Outback Tuen Mun Town Plaza.