K.S. Ho

New Town Plaza

K.S. is a performing arts graduate. She has been working at Outback Steakhouse since 2015, having started as a host at Outback MOKO. After completing the company’s service and bartender training, she joined Outback Telford Plaza. Today, K.S. is the Managing Partner of Outback New Town Plaza.


What attracted you to work at Outback?

The warm and friendly atmosphere, team-oriented working style and “No Rule, Just Right” philosophy attracted me to Outback. We have a youthful and energetic team with good communication and enthusiasm. Just like a big family, we work and get along well together.


What does the“No Rules, Just Right” philosophy mean to you personally?

It offers and encourages a certain flexibility in handling customer requests. This allows me to offer an almost “tailor-made” service to our customers, which incentivizes them to share their needs, such as special vegetarian orders or reduced spiciness, with us. We hope that our customers feel at home when they visit Outback.


How would you like to be remembered by customers?

To me, the hospitality industry is performance art merged with daily life. When we serve our guests, we create art in the way we present ourselves through language and body gestures. We perform our best to supply a unique and heartfelt dining experience to be enjoyed with family and friends. If customers feel at home and revisit our establishment, I am confident that we are part of their good memories.


What is your favourite Outback menu dish?

I love the appetizer Crispy Fried Mushrooms. Even though it sounds like a very simple dish, it is not. An accurate cooking time and constant temperature are required otherwise, the mushrooms will overcook easily. The outer layer of each mushroom is crispy while the inside is still soft, fresh and juicy. Combined with our spicy ranch dressing, it tastes perfect.


What hobbies or special interests do you pursue in your leisure time?

I pursue my dreams and keep dancing. I also enjoy drinking coffee and strolling with my dogs.


Visit K.S. and the team at Outback New Town Plaza branch!