Jovi Li

Senior Operations Manager

Jovi Li is currently the Senior Operations Manager of Outback Hong Kong and has been in the restaurant industry for over 26 years including working in five-star hotel restaurants. He has been with Outback for over nine years and is dedicated to giving customers quality dining experiences, as well as nurturing the next generation of talent for the restaurant industry.
What does ‘No Rules, Just Right’ philosophy mean to you personally?
From the moment a customer enters the restaurant to the moment they order and are served, this unique concept gives me the flexibility to understand and meet the needs of my customers. Whether it's a holiday, anniversary or family gathering, or even a photo opportunity, my team and I want to bring our customers a dining experience that is "more than just a meal"!
How would you describe Outback and the team?
In my mind, Outback and the team have a "youthful" and "energetic" atmosphere, which suits the young generation's pursuit of happiness and learning. We work together to enhance the efficiency of our services and bring great job satisfaction to the team.
What would you do to motivate your staff?
As a manager, I encourage communication and am a good listener for those who encounter difficulties. By treating everyone equally, listening sincerely, and providing them with another perspective on their problems, I let the team understand they are valued.
Why do you want to be a leader in Outback?
It is a great honor for me to be able to fulfill my belief in nurturing the seeds of talent for the restaurant industry at Outback, so that my staff, especially the younger generation, treat their customers with the right kind of hospitality.
What traits of your ideal staff do you consider the most important?
I want team members to be enthusiastic, energetic and goal-oriented - to me these are indispensable attributes.
What hobbies or special interests do you pursue in your leisure time?
Besides enjoying having dinner with team members and some team building activities, as an "outdoorsy person", I also enjoy being in the sunshine and activities such as running.