Jackie Chan

JP Plaza

Jackie has spent 11 years in the food and beverage industry, working at Outback and as well as her own business. She has worked at Outback JP for ten years and is now a Managing Partner.
What attracted you to work at Outback?
When I first applied to work at Outback, I went through three interview stages. I immediately knew that this company values a high standard of work.
What does ‘No Rules, Just Right’ philosophy mean to you personally?
I will try to satisfy customers’ needs as much as possible. I always ask my staff to be completely familiar with the menu so they can easily cater to different people’s needs, such as modifying recipes for customers who have allergies.
How would you like to be remembered by customers?
I hope they remember being served by a friendly and happy team that is dedicated to giving them the best quality food and a warm and welcoming smile.
What is your favorite Outback menu dish?
Definitely the Bloomin’ Onion. It is an Outback exclusive, and every onion is handpicked, specially cut, and seasoned with our homemade seasoning and sauce.
What hobbies or special interests do you pursue in your leisure time?
I love to spend time with my family and do extreme sports! I enjoy skydiving in Australia and Scuba diving in Maldives. I also have a cat! My cat wakes me up every morning!