Wayne Lam

Causeway Bay Plaza One

Wayne’s interest in the food and beverage industry started when he was studying business at university in Canada while working as a part-time delivery boy. He has over 25 years of experience in the industry and he has been with Outback for 10 years. He is currently the Managing Partner of Outback Causeway Bay Plaza One.
What attracted you to work at Outback?
I agree with the principles and beliefs of this company. The company values operational excellence and respect for the staff, and this is the formula to success.
What does ‘No Rules, Just Right’ philosophy mean to you personally?
Unlike most restaurants, Outback Steakhouse gives us a lot of flexibility in running our branch. The Managing Partner of each branch has ownership for the daily operations of their branch according to a few principles of Outback; therefore, each branch has its own unique style and atmosphere.
How would you like to be remembered by customers?
I want them to feel like they have arrived at home every time they come to Outback. For those who come to our restaurant frequently, we remember their favorite dishes and there is an unspoken bond between us.
What is your favorite Outback menu dish?
My favorite dish is the Black Label Prime Steak. The reason is simple: it is very delicious. It is prepared with high quality prime beef and it has received great feedback from customers since its launch.
What hobbies or special interests do you pursue in your leisure time?
My favorite thing to do outside of work is to travel. When I was in my 20s, I travelled alone in Europe for six months, working different jobs on the way to pay for the expenses. I remember sleeping at the train stations, washing the dishes and delivering food in different country. It was amazing and unforgettable.
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